So I'm not going to a costume party, but still wanted to do something.
So a vampire inspired make up it is! Gonna se if I can find some fake vampire teeth to put in as well for fun :P

Halloween costume from last year

I was Tinkerbell.
The costume is handmade by me, Brent and Nonie. It took forever to finnish it up, but I'm so happy with how it turned out :)

I'm not going to a costume party tonight, but I might do some scary make-up for fun :)

A birthday gift!

Took a break from the pin-up girl to paint this for my friend who just turned 21 :)
The stupid flash on the camera kind of ruiend the colours...
It's her favorite flower!

Acrylics on canvas. 20x20 centimeters.

when I try to shake paint out of the bottle..

...I tend to get it all over the place...

Can you see the white paint on the keyboard over the "esc" button? haha!

yes yes i'm working on it...

Since the last update I've done the roses, the banner, the chest and her arm :)

This far....

Hopefully I will finnish my studies for today soon..
Then I'm gonna jump into our tiny sauna.. I'm so cold.. Then there will hopefully be enough time for me to paint some more on this as well :)

My friend told me she looks like me haha.
I made her face rounder and her chin more "pointy" to make it NOT look like me..
Am I the only one who accidently paint people that looks like myself?
I think it has to do with the fact that when I started to learn how to do portraits and draw faces I often looked at pictures of myself as a refernce...

and a pinup girl it is!

or will be.. when it's done!

quick sketch

Maybe a future painting?
Always wanted to do a pinup but haven't figured out how I'd like her to look until now.

faith hope & love

Acrylic on round canvas, 40cm diameter.
Came up with the whole painting myself.

Thanks for telling me you'd still love me as much even if'd be fat or superskinny and had a buzzcut and a huge scar across my face <3

She's my inspiration

My wonderful friend who's not among us anymore painted theese.
She painted them straight from her head.

If I could ever create anything close to as free, honest and personal her art was....

bright red on a rainy day

Haven't had much time or inspiration to paint lately :(
At least I got to hang out with a new found friend today :) !

And in 2 months my ginger boy will be here!!!

round canvas

Not quite sure how to finnish it up..


Used to have a piercing in my nose a couple of years ago, but it wouldn't heal, then I dropped it during a wild party night.
Decided to have it done again. Unfortunately they didn't have any rings, just frikking diamonds... It will have to do 'til it's healed :)

Blog tips

Superbusy studying today so gonna recommend some other art blogs for you :)

Click on the pictures to get to their blogs!

This Lisa kicks ass on portraits!

This Lisa makes amazing oil and acrylic paintings!

Bokkei (Maria) is the master of promarkers!

This made me happy :)

A girl who ordered a painting from me just posted THIS on her blog :) Totally made my day!

Here is the original (the blue one) and her painting :)


Lack of inspiration today

I don't have anywhere to put my paintings so they're hanging out on my floor...

the deepest secret

Watercolours on an A4 paper.
Was impoosible to get a good photo of it.
Started painting this in May in Canada and just finnished it. Painted from my own head and looked at some flowers that was growing in the garden.
Think this is going to be a christmas gift for someone :)


Trying to finnish up this watercolourpainting that I started painting in May while I still was in Canada.

Don't even dare to think about how many hours I've spent on it this far...

I carry your heart 2 - red version

Malin ordered a red version of THIS PAINTING on an A4 paper.

This is the result! Hope she'll like it!

Sorry people

I've already sold the zebra painting.
Men tusen tack för alla fina kommentarer om den :) Appreciate it a lot <3

I promise to write it next time a painting is for sale so you don't have to ask!

(I write in English because I have some Canadian readers as well, and all Swedish people understand English)


Just finnished this up!
Acrylics on canvas, 50x60 centimeters.
I painted from my head, just sneakpeaked on some elephant pictures to get the proportions right!

Almost done

A girl ordered an elephant painting with lots of colours and this is what I came up with.
I'm not done with it yet, gonna do some adjustements to the background and add more details and highlights to the Elephant. I hope she'll like it!

the flash on the camera messed it up some...

Bright colours!

I'm hopeless.. I already have so many works in progress and now I've started another one haha.

The flash kinda messed it all up so it looks kinda crappy. I'll show you all of it when it's done!
(A girl ordered this painting from me.)

fighting over my attention

3 works in progress.


Acrylics on canvas, 80x60 centimeters.

You make me appreciate him so much more

New work in progress!

It looks pretty plain this far, but I have some ideas!


How many ways can a loser fucking lose
I know you'll find a way
The humility awakening the idiot inside
You spineless fucking maggot - you're just wasting my time
Get out of my face - Get out of my life
Out of my fucking way - Just die

What will I do with you when you're done.... ?

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