Inspiration and a tip

Lowi is an artblogger whos work I'd love to se more of!

Her drawings are really colourful and etno. Like a lot!

Todays inspiration - action painting - Jackson Pollock

Yesterdays lecture in school was about art during world war 2.
Action painting and the artist Jackson Pollock was brought up.
And oh boy did I get inspired!!!

Action painting is when you throw the paint onto the canvas, or let it drip.
You don't touch the canvas with any tools yourself.

Jackson himself in action.

One of his paintings, autumn rythm.

Another one of my faves! Love how the paint is blended, how it looks like it's still moving.

She's my inspiration

My wonderful friend who's not among us anymore painted theese.
She painted them straight from her head.

If I could ever create anything close to as free, honest and personal her art was....

Pavel Tchelitchew

New favorite artist!

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