What am I doing?

me right now. messed up knee, art studies to do, cat by my feet etc..

Today I was going to study for school.
I was just gonna go to the hospital and have my knee (that I hurt this weekend) x-rayed, didn't think it would show anything. Turns out I have a small fracture in the knee cap and I've also damaged some muscle thingy that keeps my knee stabile. So now I'm jumping around with this monster-whatever-it-is around my whole leg to keep my knee straight. Took the whole day to se a doctor and get that thing over my leg. How the hekk am I supposed to wear pants over this?

And now I have to study but I'm sitting here posting drawings and writing instead..
What am I doing?

First day in school

Just made it trough my first day in university.
Went well!
I'm taking 2 classes, art pedagogy and 1900 century art.

Wade - details

The full painting is 20x30 cm. So making theese details was quite challenging. The other picture in the post before this doesn't show them as well so thoght it would be nice to publish some better pictures.


Acrylics and waterclours on paper. 20x30 cm.
Time spent: around 40 hours... (yes 40..)

I wanted to make it as detailed as possible, and making this painting that small and detailed was a real challenge.
Don't think I've ever put this much time and effort into any of my pictures before...
I didn't have one picture of Wade with his guitar that was good enough, so I mixed like 5 pictures together to get the pose I wanted.

Gonna post some close up pictures later!

Just about done

The head isn't that tiny, it's just the angle of the photo...

here is the root of the root

Haven't painted on canvas for over a year.
Looked on youtube for different ways to paint with acrylics to fresh up my memory and got some inspiration. Painted with the classic layer technique.

5 years, 9 changes

A friend told me it would be fun to see pictures of all the haircolours I've had.

1. 2006, my natural blonde with some highlights
2. August 2006, goes brunette (wants my hair to be that long again!)
3. March 2008, decides to go blonde again
4. February 2009, black! Do I even have to tell you my nickname became "Snowwhite" ? haha!
5. September 2009, dark blood red.
6. December 2009, goes dark brown to make it possible to go blonde again.
7. July 2010, After highlighting my hair like 4-5 times it's finally blonde again.
8. December 2010, DREADLOCKS!
9. May 2011, the dreads where to much work so combed them out :( Cut a sidecut in August!

Wonder how long it will take until I decide to try something new again...

Dreaming about you

This painting is from 2009 and i've never published it before.
I painted it and then I just forgot about it. Found it today when I was looking arond in the house for old paintings that I've put away. I made this one before my sweet Erin, who I share the spot under the tree with, passed away.
I never got to show it to her.

acyrilcs on canvas


Work in progress!
The right arm isn't supposed to be that dark..


I miss my dreaddies..
to bad they were sooo much work... wish I had curly hair that dreadded easily...

picture from April 29, 2011

I could really give a shit - I'm going out in style!


step 1. Meassure out the hair you're gonna chop off!

step 2. Cut it off! Mommy had to help me because it was tricky to get it even..



We have theese white flowers in our garden that the butterflies and bees just love.
Managed to take some pictures of them with my digital camera. Supprised how well they turned out because my camera usually isn't that good. Didn't have to edit the pictures at all.

August 12, 1990

Today it's my 21th birthday :)

Still covered in paint!

unfinished detail

This is a very small, unfinisyhed, detail of a painting I'm doing. It's supposed to be a gift to a special someone so I can't publish anything more revealing yet.




My best Canadian lady friend!

I hope she'll like it :) !

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