Homemade lipgooo / lipgloss

I decided to make some homemade lipgoo (as I prefer to call it).
I've done it before and it's the best lipgooo I've ever had! This time I decided to try to add some mineral eyeshadow I never use to give it some colour to make it work as a lipgloss. I also added a quite a bit of different oils to make it as moisturising and effective as possible.

I didn't follow a recipie, but this is about how much I used of every ingredient.

You need:
1 tbsp Beeswax
1,5 tsp Coconut oil
Around 1/4 tsp Loose mineral eyeshadow (if you want it to give your lips some colour)
A clean little jar or emty lipchop tube to put the

If you want to you can add:
A few drops Jojoba oil
A few drops Olive oil
1/4 tsp Honey (makes it taste yummy and is mosturizing and antibacterial)

How to:
Melt all the ingredients together on a clean metal plate (ot something else that stands heat) over a pot with hot water. Pour it into it's container and let it cool off.

The more eyeshadow you use, the more colour. The amount I put in mine gave some shimmer, but not to much colour.

Drawing assignement for school

We were supposed to draw a round object, a cone-shaped object and a cube-shaped one.

This is what I did with the little time I had while suffering from a cold and headache.

(my headache kept me from doing a good job with this one haha)

our 5 weeks are over

Miss you already, see you in the summer <3

Didn't think I could feel like this

Busy being with someone special <3

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