Painting painting painting..... really enjoying it :) !

Eyes in progress

I've heard somwhere that when you paint a face, it's good to start with the eyes, because if you don't get the eyes right, nothing else in the face will look right either.

Now; Painting the rest of the face! Wohoo!

Sugar Skull

Small part of a big painting I'm working on right now :)

new painting

Looking around at google for inspiration and ideas :)
Have a picture in my head.. will be fum to see if it turns out anything like I want it to. Usually never does..

It's not going fast but it's going the right way


If homework means I can draw whatever I feel like, as long as it has shadows in it (daah, everything does),

2 new paintings - xmas gifts

More "pretty-not-very-personal-art".. I know..
I like to paint more personal things. But I'm doing xmas gifts for my grandparents and they aren't that into that kind of stuff. So I'm just doing theese paintings for them, because they're motifs I know they'll like.
The backgrounds are done, now it's just the flowers left!

Do you see which flowers I'm painting :) ?


Have struggled quite a bit with school lately because my mind have been somwhere else but now it's all starting to clear up and get better!

Now I'm gonna try to finnish my moms xmas gift! (as you can see the letters need some more work)


work in progress



Worked on this today :)
It's lots of fun! Never done a painting or drawing with two faces in it before.

work work

And the colouring has begun!
It's so difficult and boring to draw yourself, sooo much more fun to draw Wade! It took me like one minute to draw his face while mine took like 30 haha!
Not a big fan of drawing pictures exactly like they look at the photo. Like to change stuff like hair, clothes and background. Want to make the colours brighter and darker here then in the original photo.

New drawing

Working with this while waiting for my other paintings to dry before I can finnish some last details in them

action painting in progress

xmas gift - getting there

Gift for mommy.. she better not sneakpeak!

Xmas gift for mommy

Work in progress.. And sssssh!!! Don't tell my mom about this ;)

corner detail

Painting with oils for the first time in probably two years.

Love how oilpaint let you blend the colours together and make the details so realistic in a way that's way more difficult with acrylics.

The full painting is 38 x 45 centimeters.

yes yes i'm working on it...

Since the last update I've done the roses, the banner, the chest and her arm :)

This far....

Hopefully I will finnish my studies for today soon..
Then I'm gonna jump into our tiny sauna.. I'm so cold.. Then there will hopefully be enough time for me to paint some more on this as well :)

My friend told me she looks like me haha.
I made her face rounder and her chin more "pointy" to make it NOT look like me..
Am I the only one who accidently paint people that looks like myself?
I think it has to do with the fact that when I started to learn how to do portraits and draw faces I often looked at pictures of myself as a refernce...

and a pinup girl it is!

or will be.. when it's done!

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