Going back!

pic from september 2010 in Canada


On Friday, to be with my <3 :D !!!!

Sugar skull girl - Lily

Acrylic on canvas. 60 x60 centimeters.

It was pretty much impossible to get a good photo of this painting. The orange and yellow rose were difficult for the camera to catch. At least you get the idea of what it looks like :)

My friend Lina bought this from me and named it Lily.
Even if it's roses in it and no lilys I think the name suits somehow :) !

tampon centipede

Just because I could...

for school

Homework for the drawing class I'm taking.
Had to draw a few objects with a repeating shape.



Painting painting painting..... really enjoying it :) !

Eyes in progress

I've heard somwhere that when you paint a face, it's good to start with the eyes, because if you don't get the eyes right, nothing else in the face will look right either.

Now; Painting the rest of the face! Wohoo!

Sugar Skull

Small part of a big painting I'm working on right now :)

new painting

Looking around at google for inspiration and ideas :)
Have a picture in my head.. will be fum to see if it turns out anything like I want it to. Usually never does..

Orchid painting

A lot of orchids.. I know...

Acrylic on canvas, around 35 x 25 centimeters big...

orchid, water and glass

Pencils on a4 size paper.

Didn't have time to finnish the shadows before I had to send it into school.
Was just supposed to do the flower and suddenly I was drawing the whole thing. Was kind of tricky but I think I turned out ok.


Pencils b, 2b & 8b on a4 size paper.

Assignement for school, had to draw 3 objects (the other two are coming up soon) with shadows in them.
Wanted to catch the deep in the "tunnel" that are created by the bent fingers.
Added the letters on the hand for fun.

9 weeks with no poo & castor oil/ricinolja treatments

Before and after!
9 weeks with natural haircare and castor oil treatments. I even had my mom to trim the ends 0,5 - 1 centimeters before I took the after picture.

UPPDATE: I soak hy whole hair and scalp in the oil around every 4th day for 1-8 hours before I shower. I mix it out with canola oil (rapsolja) to make it thinner and easier to wash out.

It's not going fast but it's going the right way


If homework means I can draw whatever I feel like, as long as it has shadows in it (daah, everything does),

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