reflections - better picture

Finally managed to take a photo of the drawingthat isn't blurry! Thank you daylight!!


Can't get a non blurry photo of this drawing without the flash reflecting in some of the colours..

But anyways, Wade and me :) ! <3

Colourpencils & black marker pen on paper. 29 x 42 centimeters.

My wishlist for xmas

I'm already getting my ginger boy here for christmas so I'm more then happy :) But if I'd have to wish for something, else exept money, this would be it!

1. A new easel! The one I'm using now is my moms old and it's a piece of shit. It wont stand up straight and it keeps falling apart.

2. Some good quality acrylic paint!

3. Promarkers! I wanna try them out soo bad!

4. Canvases! Can't get enough of them. Big ones!!



Worked on this today :)
It's lots of fun! Never done a painting or drawing with two faces in it before.

Staying on the safe side

(Lots of) acrylics on canvas.
Also glued some tinnfoil on the canvas, underneath all that paint, to create some extra texture. 
Size: 50 x 70 centimeters.

work work

And the colouring has begun!
It's so difficult and boring to draw yourself, sooo much more fun to draw Wade! It took me like one minute to draw his face while mine took like 30 haha!
Not a big fan of drawing pictures exactly like they look at the photo. Like to change stuff like hair, clothes and background. Want to make the colours brighter and darker here then in the original photo.

New drawing

Working with this while waiting for my other paintings to dry before I can finnish some last details in them

action painting in progress

Todays inspiration - action painting - Jackson Pollock

Yesterdays lecture in school was about art during world war 2.
Action painting and the artist Jackson Pollock was brought up.
And oh boy did I get inspired!!!

Action painting is when you throw the paint onto the canvas, or let it drip.
You don't touch the canvas with any tools yourself.

Jackson himself in action.

One of his paintings, autumn rythm.

Another one of my faves! Love how the paint is blended, how it looks like it's still moving.

xmas gift - getting there

Gift for mommy.. she better not sneakpeak!

Xmas gift for mommy

Work in progress.. And sssssh!!! Don't tell my mom about this ;)

corner detail

Painting with oils for the first time in probably two years.

Love how oilpaint let you blend the colours together and make the details so realistic in a way that's way more difficult with acrylics.

The full painting is 38 x 45 centimeters.

Can't publish it..

I have a new piece of art to show you but there's a problem..
It's a christmas gift for Wade and I don't want him to accidently see it.. maybe I should tell him that he can't visit my blog 'til December 24.. We have xmas the 24th here..

painting of Wade

40 more days!

Just 40 more days, then my favorite person in the whole world will come here all the way from Canada and have christmas with me!!!

oh give in

Acrylic on canvas, 37 x 46 centimeters

Not sure if I want to work some more on it....

And she's complete!

Acrylic on canvas, 37x46 centimeters


Most people I know thinks fall is cold and depressing.
I find it beautiful and inspiring!

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