Acrylic on canvas!
Wanted something colourful for our bedroom :)

Vancouver beach

Acrylic on canvas

Painting I did inspired from the beach in Vancouver :)
The glued on items are:
- A hemp neclase with pink beads and small seashells that Wade gave me that broke because I wore it so much.
- Big seashells from the beach in Vancouver.
- Pretty rocks that represent natural healing that I got from a local store.
- Tree bark from the garden around the house we live in.

3 Orchids

Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 50 centimeters.
SO many orchid paintings and drawings.. I know.. They are fun to paint though and a friend of mine wanted me to paint her an orchid painting so this is what I made for her.
Unfortunately the picture doesn't make the accual painting any justice.

Recovering after 2 weeks

Got the flu.. big fucking time.. And it's finally giving in after 2 weeks!
If it wasn't for the fact that my boyfriends mom who's a nurse told me different, I would have thought I was dying...
Anyways.. A quick drawing I did for the long distance drawing class I'm taking from Sweden while being here in Canada :)

Sugar skull girl - Lily

Acrylic on canvas. 60 x60 centimeters.

It was pretty much impossible to get a good photo of this painting. The orange and yellow rose were difficult for the camera to catch. At least you get the idea of what it looks like :)

My friend Lina bought this from me and named it Lily.
Even if it's roses in it and no lilys I think the name suits somehow :) !

tampon centipede

Just because I could...

for school

Homework for the drawing class I'm taking.
Had to draw a few objects with a repeating shape.

Orchid painting

A lot of orchids.. I know...

Acrylic on canvas, around 35 x 25 centimeters big...

orchid, water and glass

Pencils on a4 size paper.

Didn't have time to finnish the shadows before I had to send it into school.
Was just supposed to do the flower and suddenly I was drawing the whole thing. Was kind of tricky but I think I turned out ok.


Pencils b, 2b & 8b on a4 size paper.

Assignement for school, had to draw 3 objects (the other two are coming up soon) with shadows in them.
Wanted to catch the deep in the "tunnel" that are created by the bent fingers.
Added the letters on the hand for fun.

Drawing assignement for school

We were supposed to draw a round object, a cone-shaped object and a cube-shaped one.

This is what I did with the little time I had while suffering from a cold and headache.

(my headache kept me from doing a good job with this one haha)


My xmas gift for Wade :)

Acrylic on canvas. 120 x 50 centimeters big. Had alot of fun painting this for him :) !!

Orchids for my grandparents

While I go to the airport to pick up my ginger, you may have a look at this :P

Xmas gift. Acrylics on canvas. 24 x 19 centimeters.

a tiny xmas gift

Acrylics on canvas 15 x 15 centimeters

Xmas gift for my mom

Shhhhh, don't tell her ^^

Beauty doesn't matter if you don't have a soul

It was really difficult to capture the accual colours in this painting.. I need a better camera.

Watercolorus on a4 watercolourpaper.

The unpleasant awekening / The girl no one wants to know

Quick painting
Watercolours and black marker. A4 watercolour paper.

Not the typical pretty painting style.. I know..

Epic Faiil

Made a portrait of Moa

Hope she'll like it :) !

A4 paper, watercolours and black marker.

reflections - better picture

Finally managed to take a photo of the drawingthat isn't blurry! Thank you daylight!!


Can't get a non blurry photo of this drawing without the flash reflecting in some of the colours..

But anyways, Wade and me :) ! <3

Colourpencils & black marker pen on paper. 29 x 42 centimeters.

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