Sneak peak

Work in progress :)
(It's a friend of mine from Canada, she haven't seen it yet)

Amy Winehouse

Lots of sad things have happened this weekend. Especially the terrors in Norway.
Amy Winehouse also passed away. Did like KillerColours and made a tribute makeup to honour her.

Night sky

Watercolours and a black marker pencil.
Another painting I haven't published before.
The sky was so beautiful one night in Canada when I was driving home from Red Deer to Lacombe.
Then I made this little painting, inspired by the sky.

Who'll stop the rain?

It's raing.. lots.. totally dislike.. protesting by wearing bright happy colours!

Seasons change and I also refuse to remain the same

Paintings I haven't published before. Watercolours and salt!

My piercing is back!

I used to have a piercing in tragus, the piece of your ear.
I made it myself at home, wich I would recoment people NOT to try..
But it fell out during a not to sober moment. Two years later I wanted it back, so I had a proffesional piercer to do it for me this time :)


Watercolour pencils.
They're kinda tricky because you don't know until you're adding the water how much paint you'll get.
adding the water
Details with a black marker. All done!


I got into the university in Halmstad to study Art! So frikking happy :D


If you ever go to Alberta or British Columbia in Canada, you gotta visit Banff! I miss that place..


foto: me

Visste ni att det krävs 50 liter lönn sav för att koka ihop 1 liter lönnsirap?
Fakta jag lärde mig i Kanada. Tyckte det var lite kul :)

I love you

A tiny drawing that I made for my Canadian ginger boy


Tried drawing on this paper with lots of texture in it. Was pretty cool. Fucked up the face though..

My lovely friend gave me a pair of lovely earrings

Sucker punch


I <3 Leafs


I carry it in my heart


Min blogg är död. Typ.. Under mina nio månader i Kanada (september 2009 - juni 2010) så hade jag aldrig tid eller lust att blogga, det kräver så mycket tid om man ska ha en seriös blogg.

Har bestämt mig för att börja blogga igen, men utan krav från omvärlden, utan ska bara blogga när jag känner för det. En blogg är ett sådant bra ställe att publicera bilder och skriva av sig på. Facebook är inte samma sak när det gäller att publicera bilder.

Kommer inte att jaga läsare, de som känner för det får kika in helt enkelt, denna blogg är för mig.

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