because you're so special

Soon done! Just some adjustements left!

I wanna be pretty like the girls in the magazines

Acrylics on canvas with some "cutouts" from magazines

Sneekpeak on a work in progress

I'm working on another painting to, but I got stuck with that one and need to take a pause from it until I know how to finnish it up.
So while waiting for an idea to pop up in my head I started this painting instead! It's just the right corner of it, I'll show you the rest when it's done, wich it should be very soon!

Is it just my notebooks that looks like this inside?

It's really hard for me to stay focused and take in all the information the teacher gives you while holding a lecture.
I usually end up drawing in my notebook and I just write a few notes down inbetween when he/she sais something I find interesting. Sometimes though, if possible, I draw things that has to do with what the teachers's talking about, that helps me remember it easier!
How do I learn anything in school if what 90% of what the teachers sais just go trough my ears? I read about it myself later on!

Bye orange!

Orange highlights was cool, but it didn't go with anything in my closet, so I coloured them brown instead :P

Colours :)

Spent the day with my friend Emma.
We painted our nails. She had so many pretty colours I couldn't decide wich one I wanted, so I used them all on one nail each :)

Just another work of art

We'll se how this will turn out.
For some reason I can't explain I prefered to sit on the floor with the canvas towards my closet instead of sitting by a table...

Accidental ginger highlights

Decided to have some fun with red, brown and black highlights.
Turned out cool, but the red colour turned out ginger orange instead of strawberry red as I hoped for haha! It's not what I was going for at all, but they're pretty fun so think I'm gonna leave them in for a little while as a tribute to my ginger dreadhaed Wade ;)

Did a makeup to go with the colours :)

Every time I leave my house I enter a beauty pageant

I don't think I'm the only girl who sometimes get sick of the pressure of looking pretty all the time.
In Sweden especially, people are sooooo concoius of their apperance. You simply do not leave your house looking like a slob in this country. And it's a competition out there. The prettiest wins.. ofcourse..
I truly hate that competition.
Sure make-up is fun, but when you feel like you can't leave your house unless all pimples are covered, something's wrong.

Anywhooo.. I tried something I haven't tried before with this drawing. That was to mix in contrast colours, like blue, green and red, where they don't naturally belong, to make all the other colours "pop" more. It worked, I think... Looked way better with the colourful shadows and highlights then it did before I added them :)

Why does art have to look "pretty"?

Something that kind of bothers me is when people don't like your art because it's not  typically realistic or pretty looking, it doesn't look enough like a photo.
I acually think it's 100 times more difficult to do a painting that is unrealistic/abstract that tells a story or shows a feeling, then a realistic "obvious" painting.
After doing some artstudies in school and learning about techniques I finally think I have some good ideas for abstract paintings I want to do. Just gotta find some time with all theese studies...

most expressive paintings i've ever done, from 2009

Pavel Tchelitchew

New favorite artist!

All I want for xmas is you


On December 20 my canadian soulless ginger boy will land on Gothenburgs airport! Best christmas gift ever!

picture from March, when I still had dreaddies

Found more old paintings

Found a folder with pictures I did during my first year in highscool when I was 16 (2006)
Pretty fun to se how you've developed and how your style has changed :)
I was very into orange, red and yellow colours and lots of sunsets!

Fall is on its way

Think my classmates found me a little odd when I started looking for leafs on the ground and take pictures of them today on our way to the bus haha!

Love how it looks like there's a tree in the leaf.
The top branches are green like they're covered with leafs.

Good thing we can get better

This is kind of embarrasing, but so funny I just had to publish it.

The painting to the left is my first attempt to do a selfportrait haha. It's from 2006 (the date in the corner sais 2007 but I took the picture later on), when I was 16 and I had just started the art program in highschool. I could paint other things nice, but not portraits. Aparently.... It's made with Acrylics.
Shortly after this I decided to learn how to do portraits.

The painting to the right is from this year, 2011. Watercolours. From the movie Sucker Punch.

2006                                                                    2011


You can beat me up and throw me into walls
It's ok dear because in the end you'll be the one who falls

'Cause I'm sick of your games that you make up in your twisted mind
With stupid rules that only help you and leave everybody else behind

Treat others as you want to be treated and you wont be alone
But I've had more then enough darling so I'm afraid I'm gone

No more "Miss Careful" tipping on her toes when you're around
From now on I will stand my ground

So please read this text and learn a thing or two or three
And don't ever treat anyone else like you treated me

Right now...

I'm working on this...

shoot me again I ain't dead yet

photo, model, make-up, editing: me

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