My xmas gift for Wade :)

Acrylic on canvas. 120 x 50 centimeters big. Had alot of fun painting this for him :) !!

Is in heaven.. please do not disturb

Orchids for my grandparents

While I go to the airport to pick up my ginger, you may have a look at this :P

Xmas gift. Acrylics on canvas. 24 x 19 centimeters.

Today <3

I get to see you in the first time for 7 months :D !!!

a tiny xmas gift

Acrylics on canvas 15 x 15 centimeters

2 new paintings - xmas gifts

More "pretty-not-very-personal-art".. I know..
I like to paint more personal things. But I'm doing xmas gifts for my grandparents and they aren't that into that kind of stuff. So I'm just doing theese paintings for them, because they're motifs I know they'll like.
The backgrounds are done, now it's just the flowers left!

Do you see which flowers I'm painting :) ?

Inspiration and a tip

Lowi is an artblogger whos work I'd love to se more of!

Her drawings are really colourful and etno. Like a lot!

Xmas gift for my mom

Shhhhh, don't tell her ^^

Home made moisturizing face mask

My skin is crazy dry so I threw some stuff together to do a face mask.
I knew that honey and cocoa are good to use for face masks, the rest was just an idea that I wanted to try for fun. I didn't follow an exact recepie and you don't have to have all the ingredients.


You need:                            (För svenskar, tbsp = matsked, tsp = tesked) 
1/5 of a banana
1 tbsp coconutoil
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp cocoa
Something to blend it in
A fork or a mixer (I'd reccomend a mixer because otherwise you get lumps in the mask from the banana)

Just blend it all together! I should have used a  mixer but I was to lazy haha. It still works though!

Dab it all over your face! It doesn't look pretty, I know.
It kind of wants to slip of your face as you can se in the picture, but don't care about that! The result is great!
Leave it on for at least 15 minutes or 'til it's dry. I left the mask on for probably 45 because I sat and painted and forgot about time. But the longer the better!
Then rinse and massage your skin with water to get the pretty mess off.
My skin was really soft and moisturized after this :) !

I will defiently do this again!


Have struggled quite a bit with school lately because my mind have been somwhere else but now it's all starting to clear up and get better!

Now I'm gonna try to finnish my moms xmas gift! (as you can see the letters need some more work)

Multicoloured gradient nails

This isn't a beauty blog, but this is also a way of painting :P


The beautiful makeupartist Nataly picked me and my dress for an inspiration make-up for new years! Love the make-up she made and I will defiently do something like that for newyears!
KLICK HERE to se the the result.

Beauty doesn't matter if you don't have a soul

It was really difficult to capture the accual colours in this painting.. I need a better camera.

Watercolorus on a4 watercolourpaper.


work in progress

The unpleasant awekening / The girl no one wants to know

Quick painting
Watercolours and black marker. A4 watercolour paper.

Not the typical pretty painting style.. I know..


I'm not talking about accual poo. Promise! I'm talking about the so called NoPoo way to take care of your skin and hair. Natural skin and haircare.
I just got started with it. Usually it takes some time to get used to it, but my hair and skin is already in love. My sensitive skin, scalp and dry hair have improoved and all my skinproblems are almost gone after just 2 showers.
My hair after the second wash. I wish I had a before picture, my hair was sooo dull before.

What does NoPoo mean?
It means that you take care of your skin and hair with natural product that can be find mostely in your kitchen. Sounds crazy, I know.. But it works! You get clean and your skin and hair acually gets better!

Why is the NoPoo method good?
The thing is, the soaps, schampoos, conditioners we use contain ingredients that dehydrates our hair, like alcohols and sulfates (the thing that makes schampoo foam up). Silicones and mineraloils coveres up the damages the products does and builds up a dirrty fake shiny surface on our hairstrands. With the NoPoo method your hair gets clean for real and all the natural moisturising products you use builds up your hair and makes it pretty for real. It grows faster and stronger as well.

How do you do?
There are different methods to wash your hair, for example (I will talk about skincare another time). I use the conditioner method.
But first, no matter wich method you use, you have to wash your hair with a "last schampoo" to get all the old silicones and dirrt off your hair. Because your hairstrands will most likely be covered with a surface of this so called "poo". Make sure you use a silicone and mineral free schampoo, but dishsoap acually works just as good!
You're supposed to wash your hair with conditioner that doesn't contain the ingredients mentioned above.
After rinsing your hair with water, you wash your scalp with conditioner, soak it! Massage it for at least 2-3 minutes. The massage makes the dirrt loosen up. Put some conditioner in your ends as well. The best thing is if you use a "heavier", reparing conditioner in your ends.
Then rinse you hair, while you still massage your scalp. When you think you got it all out, rinse some more!
Finnish it up by rinsing your hair with cold water, this will "close" the hairstrands. Take a little of the repairing conditioner and apply it in your ends, to make your hair extra easy to comb when it's dry.

Epic Faiil

Made a portrait of Moa

Hope she'll like it :) !

A4 paper, watercolours and black marker.

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