Acrylic on canvas!
Wanted something colourful for our bedroom :)

Slouchy hat

Had to make a hat to match the mitts ofcourse ^^

Fingerless mitts

Getting back into knitting :)
Made myself theese fingerless mitts!

Vancouver beach

Acrylic on canvas

Painting I did inspired from the beach in Vancouver :)
The glued on items are:
- A hemp neclase with pink beads and small seashells that Wade gave me that broke because I wore it so much.
- Big seashells from the beach in Vancouver.
- Pretty rocks that represent natural healing that I got from a local store.
- Tree bark from the garden around the house we live in.

Vancouver <3

5 days in Vancouver with my gingerman. I want to go back!!!
Was nice to get a break from small town Lacombe and see something new :) !

3 Orchids

Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 50 centimeters.
SO many orchid paintings and drawings.. I know.. They are fun to paint though and a friend of mine wanted me to paint her an orchid painting so this is what I made for her.
Unfortunately the picture doesn't make the accual painting any justice.

Recovering after 2 weeks

Got the flu.. big fucking time.. And it's finally giving in after 2 weeks!
If it wasn't for the fact that my boyfriends mom who's a nurse told me different, I would have thought I was dying...
Anyways.. A quick drawing I did for the long distance drawing class I'm taking from Sweden while being here in Canada :)

Going back!

pic from september 2010 in Canada


On Friday, to be with my <3 :D !!!!

Sugar skull girl - Lily

Acrylic on canvas. 60 x60 centimeters.

It was pretty much impossible to get a good photo of this painting. The orange and yellow rose were difficult for the camera to catch. At least you get the idea of what it looks like :)

My friend Lina bought this from me and named it Lily.
Even if it's roses in it and no lilys I think the name suits somehow :) !

tampon centipede

Just because I could...

for school

Homework for the drawing class I'm taking.
Had to draw a few objects with a repeating shape.



Painting painting painting..... really enjoying it :) !

Eyes in progress

I've heard somwhere that when you paint a face, it's good to start with the eyes, because if you don't get the eyes right, nothing else in the face will look right either.

Now; Painting the rest of the face! Wohoo!

Sugar Skull

Small part of a big painting I'm working on right now :)


Min profilbild

Ida Törnqvist


Swedish hippie-metalhead. Born 1990. Creative. Living in Canada with my ginger dreadhead at the moment. Have a thing for trees, leafs, dragonflies, red roses, ladybugs, beautiful skies and dreadlocks. Into natural skin and hair care, so called "No-poo". My pencil is my sword and my sketchpad is my shield!
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