Every time I leave my house I enter a beauty pageant

I don't think I'm the only girl who sometimes get sick of the pressure of looking pretty all the time.
In Sweden especially, people are sooooo concoius of their apperance. You simply do not leave your house looking like a slob in this country. And it's a competition out there. The prettiest wins.. ofcourse..
I truly hate that competition.
Sure make-up is fun, but when you feel like you can't leave your house unless all pimples are covered, something's wrong.

Anywhooo.. I tried something I haven't tried before with this drawing. That was to mix in contrast colours, like blue, green and red, where they don't naturally belong, to make all the other colours "pop" more. It worked, I think... Looked way better with the colourful shadows and highlights then it did before I added them :)

Postat av: Lisa - tecknar

Vad häftig den blev :D

2011-09-15 @ 22:05:24
URL: http://lisbom.blogg.se/
Postat av: BELLZOR

Vinnaren från gårdagens blogg är dragen! Gå in och så om det blev du och anmäl dig igen :D KRAM! http://bellzors.blogg.se/2011/september/dagens-blogg-fredag-169.html#comment

2011-09-16 @ 14:22:48
URL: http://bellzors.blogg.se/
Postat av: kolakatten


2011-09-16 @ 14:35:19
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Postat av: kolakatten


2011-09-16 @ 19:02:07
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Postat av: soininen's-FOTO

snygg !!

2011-09-24 @ 17:31:00
URL: http://soininensfoto.blogg.se/
Postat av: Moa

skitsnygg :D

2011-09-28 @ 23:12:30
URL: http://dayviews.com/legobit/

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